Big, Rough, And
On The Run

By Timo Hulett   Photos By John Grafman

Is smaller better? We’re talking venues here, not, well let’s not go there.

In arenas with 10,000 or 20,000 people, or mega-stadiums, the masses create their own energy. But, in dinky, hole-in-the-wall bars, bands make it own on their own talent! You either got it, or you don’t.

Both the Stones and U2 are showing that they can still rock hard without mega million dollar displays. It’s back to the music. On the Sunset Strip, just up the street from where U2 electrified The Roxy, a lesser-known group is reminding us that classic rock music isn’t something from a prior generation only to be rolled out for historical purposes or flashback trips.

Alex Cole and the band are the saviors of the genre! The band is part of a new breed of musicians. This new crop is eager to reflect back on the heritage of rock, and then take the next step forward. And, it comes not a moment too soon.
Taking stage after a few other magnetic bands, Alex Cole and his band mates have their work cut out for themselves. Not a moment is lost; the trio immediately shows us just why we came to the Whiskey A Go-Go.

Alex on lead guitar can be compared to some of our favorite artists in their prime. He’s one-half Ted Nugent, one-half Angus Young of AC/DC, and one-half Sammy Hagar. And yes, I can add. Alex is 150% of what one expects. The band is on target musically, and is fully engrossing with a kick-ass performance, connecting with each guest at the show.
The boundless energy is not necessarily the “secret sauce” of Alex Cole and the band, but it sure as hell doesn’t hurt either. We can’t help but feel the energy as well via induction, or something like that. We’ll have to ask Elon Musk exactly how that works. Suffice to say, Alex Cole gets everyone pumped up!

The band covered several of their songs during the mid-week performance. If you are looking for a standout “Anthem” for a new generation, that’s still on the drawing board. Nevertheless, all the other elements are at work, so it’s only a matter of time.

The tunes, like those you can find on their web site - Born To Fight, Burning Down In Flames, and Bad Wild And Rough, do hit the mark. No over-arching political statements, or sappy ballads, just hard charging rock and roll. But, this is one band you need to see live for the full-effect!
Alex Cole Band
Personally, it makes little difference whether or not I’ve heard these songs before; right now the band is dialed-in. It feels like you’ve known and loved these songs for ages.

Bare chested and bouncing about the stage, Alex appeals to all ages. The band members interact with each other like a well-oiled machine. If sparks fly with  the Alex Cole band, it’s not due to gears grinding, but an overabundance of energy!

The band is comprised of Harley Duggan on bass, Robert Platz on drums, and Alex handles guitar, vocals, songwriting duties, and even a little harmonica. This is not a one-man band, or a group where everyone is in it for himself. The performance at the Whiskey hums along, figuratively speaking. The fun that Alex, Harley, and Robert have onstage is definitely contagious.

Perhaps the only downer is their work schedule. The problem with being this good is everybody wants you. So, after a romp around L.A hitting up The Mint, The Viper Room, and the Rainbow, it’s back off to Switzerland. Be it the Canyon Club in Agoura Hills, or rocking in Milano, Como, Torino, or Luzern, this band is on the run. But, it’s only a matter of time before heading back to California, as well it should.

We’ll be waiting!





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